Why Window Cleaners Can Be Harmful

We all love streak free sparkly windows but did you know that brands like Windex and aerosol window cleaners are extremely harmful to your health?

Why are these window cleaners harmful?

Here are some of the ugly ingredients in typical glass cleaners:

  • Ammonia
    -strong irritant to skin, eyes, throat and lungs, damaging the mucus membrane and airways, may also cause kidney and liver damage 😳
  • Butyl Cellosolve / Glycol Ether- linked to reduced fertility (both in men and women), anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, liver and kidney damage, and more...
  • Phthalates carrier for synthetic fragrance- see our post The Truth about Synthetic Fragrance.
  • The problem with these chemicals is that they build up in your body over time and may cause some serious harmful side effects after prolonged exposure.

How can I clean windows naturally?

Our window cleaner is all natural made with organic peppermint essential oil that leaves a streak free shine! Check it out!

Side note - if you’re used to using checmical-y window cleaner and switch to all natural, you may notice it doesn’t evaporate as quickly (no ammonia), so it takes a bit more wiping, and letting the glass absorb the cleaner. A teeny tiny pay off to preventing lung damage right?