Yes! Hand Made, bottled and labeled in Ucluelet, BC.

Yes, our products are safe to use around pets, however, since some essential oils can be toxic to pets we don't recommend using our products directlyon their skin or fur, in cat litter boxes or allow your pet to ingest the product.  Essential oils are dangerous when diffused in the air for long period of time with little to no ventilation in small rooms. It is important to always allow your pet to be able to move away from the room if they are uncomfotable with the scent of any essential oil.  We do not claim they are officially "pet safe" because we are not vets and for liability purposes can't list this on our label.  The actual amount of essential oils in one use of our products is so minimal that it will not have a dangerous effect when used for cleaning your house. Also, good to remember that our products are a much safer for pets than the other conventional toxic cleaning products. We always recommend if you have any concerns to speak with your veterinarian.

Yes, our products contain all naural disinfecting ingredients. Our Cleaning Scrub contains hydrogen peroxide which is a powerful non toxic disinfectant.

Yes, all of our products are made with plant based surfactants and ingredients. They are cruelty fee and not tested on animals.

Yes, we offer free shipping in Canada and the USA on any order over $95. For orders under $95 we offer a flat rate shipping of $13.

Yes, our laundry detergent is compatible with all washing machines including HE.

Yes, all of our products contain gentle plant based ingredients that are tough on grease and grime, yet safe enough for delicate surfaces such as marble, granite and wood. Our All Purpose Cleaner is PH neutral for any surface that requires this.

Yes! Our products are safe to use around children, however we always recommend they are kept out of reach, since they should not be ingested.

Yes, our All Purpose Cleaner or Glass Cleaner can be diluted and used in upholstery cleaners.

Yes, our Laundry Detergent is an excellent choice for sensitive skin types and baby's clothing.

Providing quality products and customer service is our top priority. Unfortunately we do not offer refunds, however if you have any questions about their uses, please contact us. If your product arrives damaged, we will be happy to replace.

Yes, our products are safe for septic tanks.