Perfecting your floor game

Clean floors; the cherry, the icing, the happy ending...

Here are our top tips for cleaning floors naturally:

    • There’s no cutting corners with floor washing. I like to kick it old school and do the classic hand wash. Seriously takes no time and you will get a job that is a million times better than any mop on the market. If you don’t see this happening in your future, promise me this- you will at the very least hand wash the bathroom floor? This is a space that no mop, no matter how ninja like, will ever get in and around the grody areas.
    • So what natural products do I use, you ask? Well it totally depends what material I’m working with... Most of the time I use a tiny bit of magic scrub in a bucket with HOT water, but if you don’t have scrub (have you been living under a rock?) then you can use a tiny bit of all natural dish soap with a splash of vinegar or a splash of all purpose cleaner. You really don’t want to be using any harsh chemicals on floors (especially on wood) and detergents and oily based soaps can leave a gross buildup over time (especially on laminate!). Let your elbow grease do the work this time!
    • Lastly, make sure your cloth is rung out so it is just damp and you’re replacing your water as needed. Slapping floors with a dirty soppy wet mop will just create a bigger mess and can damage wood floors, and baseboards.
    • side note: If floors are extra dirty, I often run my vacuum over the floors after to catch any of the little particles that were lifted while washing. I know what you’re thinking- “but you can’t vacuum water”. As long as your cloth was just DAMP and your bucket isn’t anywhere near the vacuum, you will be fine.
    • Oh and I’m sure this goes without saying, but everyone knows that floor washing is the very last thing you do after all other cleaning is done right??

And one more thing- If you must use a mop (for maintenance) we really like the ProMist Max microfibre mop (not sponsored).

So who else likes to hand wash their floors?