Feeling Overwhelmed by a Messy House?

How do you not get overwhelmed when cleaning??

We all get overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning. Sometimes even starting is the most daunting part. Here are some of our fav tips for finding your cleaning rhythm when your life seems out of control.

Top tips for cleaning with less stress:

  1. Do one room at a time. If your house is extra chaotic I find it's best to clean room by room rather than task by task. That way you will feel more accomplished if you can at least get one room done.
  2. Keep it simple with your products. You don’t need a million products in your caddy. A good all purpose, window cleaner, and cleaning scrub is all you need. (Shameless plug for our Essential Home Care Bundle)
  3. Tidy first - you can’t clean with junk lying around. Start with a clean slate by putting everything away before you start to clean.
  4. Work in a clockwise position cleaning top to bottom. This is a good way to not get sidetracked and stay focused. If I’m in the kitchen or bathroom I like to use the sink as 12 o’clock since it’s usually the last thing I clean, other rooms I usually use the entrance as my starting point.
  5. Start a timer. Part of feeling overwhelmed is not having the time. It’s amazing what you can accomplish even in 15 minutes. If that’s all you have then start a timer put your phone on do not disturb and see how much you can accomplish!
  6. When feeling overwhelmed with your messy house, it’s best to just start somewhere! Try and get at least one room done- then just stay in that one room for the rest of the day and forget about the rest!