Minimalist Challenge

So I practiced what I preached and did the minimalist challenge!

Guys, I’m so happy I did this! I have had nothing on my counters for two days now and the feeling is addicting! I’m so much happier and calmer in my kitchen! Ahhhhh...

The challenge is to take literally everything off your counters, find a place for it, put everything away (I left my kettle and espresso machine because they are used every 5 minutes). Enjoy the freedom of a clean space for as long as you feel like it. Slowly start to add things back that are only essential to your daily functioning and that you LOVE.

I’m noticing now that when I use an essential item, ie dish soap, I actually just put it back away after!

You will become so addicted to having a clear space and feel less anxious and less overwhelmed, I promise!

I started with my kitchen but you can start with any room in the house.

Who’s in??